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Personal Injury

Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyers Fight for Plaintiffs’ Compensation

Proven Indiana litigators secure substantial financial recoveries

When you’ve been hurt due to the carelessness of an individual or business, legal relief is available, but only the right attorney can collect the damages you’re entitled to. At Pinkus & Pinkus, we are experienced Indianapolis attorneys who have more than a half-century of combined experience battling for personal injury victims. Whether you’ve been harmed in a car crash, after a fall on an unsafe surface, due to medical malpractice or another type of incident, we’ll develop a sound strategy designed to hold the responsible parties liable for the damage they’ve caused.

Knowledgeable attorneys assist victims of auto accidents

An auto accident can disrupt your life in a split second, but the effects could last for years or a lifetime. To help Indiana motorists and passengers get back on their feet, our accomplished lawyers handle each aspect of vehicle collision matters, including:

  • Insurance claims — Determining which driver was at fault for a crash is important under the state’s insurance law. Quick assistance from a qualified injury lawyer gives you the best chance to establish who was actually liable for the accident. From there, we can advise you whether you should seek payment from your carrier, the insurance company of the other driver, or by filing a lawsuit.
  • Truck collisions — Large trucks on our interstate highways and local streets pose an extra danger to the people who share the road with them. Because of this, special rules apply to commercial vehicles and their drivers. If you’ve been hit by a truck, our lawyers will determine if a violation contributed to the crash.
  • Pedestrian accidents — Distracted drivers and motorists who don’t understand the laws protecting pedestrians are all over the road. Our firm takes on cases for victims who’ve been hurt while walking and works to secure funds to account for the serious injury that can result.
  • Automobile Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Bodily Injury Accidents
  • Wrongful Death
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Slips and Falls

From the first days when you’re worried about replacing lost wages through the resolution of your case by judgment or settlement, we are committed to delivering the best possible result.

Tenacious firm represents clients suffering from slip and fall injuries

Slippery floors or hidden hazards can easily prompt a fall that results in severe damage. Indiana’s comparative negligence rule allows plaintiffs to receive damages from negligent property owners in these cases even if the victims are partly responsible for the injury, as long as the victim isn’t more than 50 percent responsible. If you were hurt in this way in a store, office or even another person’s home, our lawyers will review the circumstances to see if a lack of reasonable care gives rise to a compensable claim.

Skillful legal counselors seek accountability for medical malpractice

Victims of substandard medical treatment face numerous challenges as they seek justice from negligent doctors and hospitals. In addition to causing significant physical harm, instances of medical malpractice frequently trigger large medical bills. We’ll outline the elements that are necessary to file a claim and retain the necessary experts to assert your case before a Medical Review Panel and in court. Even if you’re unsure what happened to cause you harm, our firm has the experience and resources to conduct a thorough investigation and hold the responsible parties accountable.

Dedicated advocates file wrongful death claims after fatal incidents

If you’ve lost a family member to a careless or intentional act, you have a right to seek justice. Though your tragic loss cannot be reversed, financial compensation can be obtained in a wrongful death action. Our firm represents victims’ estates and surviving loved ones who are seeking payment for funeral expenses, medical costs incurred, and wages that the decedent would have earned. Indiana law caps wrongful death damages at $300,000, and in cases arising from auto accidents, medical malpractice and other incidents, we pursue full reimbursement.

Contact an accomplished Indiana injury lawyer to make an appointment

Pinkus & Pinkus advocates for residents of Indianapolis and the surrounding area who have been injured or killed due to someone else’s negligence. Please call 317-576-3743 or contact us online to make an appointment at our Indianapolis office.

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